O+M Electro-Mechanical Equipments (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Second hand machinary-first class

Second hand equipment must be bad, eliminated? Of course that's not true. There are no differences between second-hand equipment and new equipment in some cases. Because some companies were careless when they invested in projects, resulting in false investments.So the new equipment was idle and would decay and rust after a long period of time.
The owner of the equipment will sell it as a second hand.

Through our company's professional renovation and the maintenance of equipment, you can enjoy two benefits:

First, save money
The price of new equipment is usually several times higher than one of second-hand equipment, which is huge expense before investment. We can reduce your upfront capital investment

Second, save time
The new equipment is usually out of stock and extended the purchase time. We can save your time.

There are nearlly 1000pcs spares or equipment in stock. Please refer stocklist.If you have any requirement,maybe not shown on website, please do not hesitate to send us an email. Maybe we have in stock. Thank you for trusting us and finding us.


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